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Pro Evo Soccer or Fifa?


Pro Evo Soccer or Fifa?  

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  1. 1. Pro Evo Soccer or Fifa?

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Well back in the day Fifa was ten times better as pro evo was generally over looked, had major names to it and the gameplay was nowhere ena as good. But I think the FIFA's have got progressively worse. My fav being 97 I think it is or possibly 98. While pro evo has gotten much much better. And what with major names signing on to it aswell only increased it's popularity. I personally prefer pro evo now. But still play the old FIFA games on the odd occasion.

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FIFA, only because i've been playing it for much longer than Pro Evo, and just something about the fact that Pro Evo doesn't have all of the licenses that FIFA has really irks me about it, speaking of which... Dave, if i were to paypal (or send some other way) you some money, would you be able to buy Pro Evo 2008 for me and ship it over? Europe gets it on the 26th of this month i think, and the US doesn't get it till beginning of 2008

pwetty pweeasee?

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