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Heroic school suspends a child that brought a harmless butter knife to school.

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A Berkeley County student is kicked out of school for bringing a butter knife to campus.

"I know I made a really stupid decision but I don't think I should be expelled for it."

Amber Dauge says that stupid decision was taking a butter knife to school. Amber ran out of the house to meet the bus while making a sandwich. When she realized she had the knife, she put it in her bookbag..then put it in her locker at Goose creek High school. She forgot it was there...until a few weeks later ..when the knife fell out of her overstuffed locker.

"A kid behind me yelled out a comment that I was going to stab someone with the knife and everyone started laughing and the teacher saw it", Amber told us.

The teacher told the principal and Amber was suspended and recommended for expulsion.

She attended an expulsion hearing last Thursday..and it was made official.

"We got the paperwork for the expulsion Friday in the mail. So they had sent the paperwork out before they had even doen the hearing saying she was expelled", says Amber's mother Kristi Heinz.

The Berkeley County school district has a zero tolerance policy. But is it too harsh?

"I don't think zero tolerance is the right thing. I really don't. Every situation has it's own circumstances," says Steven Heinz, Amber's father.

Amber realizes she could have made a better choice like leaving the on the porch at home or actually giving it to a teacher.

"I knew i was gonna get in trouble but I didn't think I was was gonna get expelled."

Amber can appeal. Her parents will write a letter to the superintendent and will attend the next school board meeting on Tuesday.

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Shit, I brought a pocket knife to school with me every day, just as a tool. My friend brought a six inch combat knife every day, in case of muggers. That was in high school, yes, but high school is when kids will actually start getting dangerous enough to stab each other, IMO.

This is really stupid. I'm actually in shock at how incredibly stupid this is.

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Humans are pretty delicate, you can kill them with most anything. There are probably about 50 things in this room that could kill someone, not counting the sword. I mean, most schools I've been in had brick walls. between bone and brick, brick wins. I am generally against zero tolerance policies. I think a 20 pound booksack and a brick wall combined make a much better weapon than a butter knife.

Leaving aside the rightness or wrongness of her bringing it to school though, if what she says is accurate, I think, in the course of several weeks that she should have gotten the knife back home. If it was a first offense, the worst she should have gotten was ISS, Expulsion should be for serious offenses. Simply carrying a knife, IMHO, is not serious unless you have a reasonable expectation that they intended to use it. If she intended to inflict harm I think she would have chosen a better weapon.

Also, I bet the other student who reacted to it falling on the floor feels like dirt, now.

Finally, I am also likewise against loaded headlines...

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From somebody who has been suspended for this same thing (in middle school, 5 day suspension), it's fucking ludicrous. If they brought a sharpened, long knife, fine then. Suspend them THEN. But not a butter knife.

Hell, I tend to carry more dangerous things with me in my backpack that I use for school. =/

This is the downfall of America.

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