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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja


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This game looks pretty neat.

Why hasn't anyone made a thread about this game?

Is the Naruto craze done with?

Has this game received bad reviews?

Why isn't anyone talking about this game!?


I ask because I don't have a 360, so I will prolly never truly get to play this game.

So what does everyone else think?

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You know what would make this game great? If it wasn't focused so much just on Naruto.

The story just falls apart when they speed over a great deal of plot 50 or so episodes into it. There's just so much more that could have been added to the game if they took the spotlight off of Naruto and spent just a few mini games or side quests with other characters.

It sounds like it's short though - I'll rent it.

Clocks in around 6 - 7 hours for the main story if you're just doing the bare minimum to progress and finish it. You could probably stretch it out for a few more hours if you do the side quests, ninja races, hide and seek missions, ramen deliveries, and collect all 700 or so coins in the game.

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You can play as other characters but only in the fighting modes of the game. The roster is fairly decent, too. There's Rock Lee, Gaara, Orochimaru, Haku, Zabuza, Neji, Kiba, and of course Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. Each character has their own special jutsu that plays out like a small mini game when pulled off, so everyone feels unique.

Ubi said they'd be adding more characters down to line, but only for the fighting mode and the catch is that you need a Ubisoft account to download them (which is free, though). Shikamaru is supposed to be the first character to be DLC.

For Narutards purists, the Japanese voice actors are now up and free to download. Anyone that plans on picking it up get the Japanese VA pack before you venture into story mode. The english dub is awful and they don't even use many of the english voice actors from the anime. For example Ebisu isn't voiced by Crispin Freeman in the game.

Also word of warning, and a kick in the balls to achievement whores, there's a glitch in the game where 2 coins (out of 715) don't register when picking them up. So the "Collector" achviement can not be unlocked and Ubi hasn't acknowledged the glitch yet. :awesome:

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