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New Hookah!


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So, I just got back from Fire & Earth (which purports to be Washington's finest hookah and smoke shop) where three friends and I split the cost of a new hookah.

It's blue, two hoses, and it ROTATES, which is super amazing.

Snapped a couple pictures of it, sorry they're so blurry. It's set up and loaded up, and we're just waiting for one of the people who put in money to get off of class, then we will smoke it!

Also, I will be posting reviews of the various types of shisha we smoke through it in this thread.



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You don't need to put the tin foil up there, but it helps and you get practically no ash.

Anyway, we smoked some apple-lemon-orange blended shisha. It was amaaazing. I got really high.

Hey Jordan, where do you order shisha from? I want to get some jasmine flavor, but they didn't have it at the smoke shop near my house. I really want to try mint flavor, too.

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My buddy just bought a new piece today.

We're thinking of calling it either the Incredible Hulk, because its green, or Cthulhu because it is big and powerful like an elder god.

If I get bored sometime in the next few days I might try and snap some picks of the various glass pieces around here.

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Yeah, that is an awesome hookah. I like how you can see all the smoke, haha. Since mine is blue and metal you don't really see it in the hookah, but, y'know, it's still cool.

I'm surprisingly adept at blowing smoke rings, being that I only tried for the first time last night. Having a hookah will give me lots of practice, though. :D

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They found all four?!

How much trouble did you get in?

Kicked out of campus housing. Potential drug testing down the line, that's not all taken care of though.

It happened like 2 months ago, I've been pretty depressed since. Hence why I haven't talked about it here, or really been all that active since then.

EDIT- I'd rather not be discussing this on a message board any further. If you want to talk to me on AIM about it however, feel free to give me an IM. BrakesForTurtles

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