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hmm....I only like some names...but my cousin mentioned some names to me that she liked...I think they're alright. I only really like them because of the meaning...and if I met someone by the name -- it'd sound gangsta cool.

-- Mirza --> Persian; 'Price'

-- Mustafa --> Arabic; 'Chosen One' or 'King'

well...I like some white names too...

-- Alexander

-- William

-- Joshua

-- Jesse

-- Ryan

-- Scott

-- Shawn

-- Shane

I know there're more...just can't think of the rest right now...

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Puck is probably in the top five coolest names, ever.

Lazarus us is also nice. And should the individual be declared dead, only to come back, what symbolism!

Lance was a cool name, but then Backstreet Boys came into existence...

Mortici was also cool, until it was associated with nerdy Jewish people, and not awesomely powerful demons from some form of negaverse.

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Lucifer. It's like the coolest name ever, but the Jew's had to ruin it by making him the uber bad guy, so no one dares to use it now. Well not me. My first son will be known as Lucifer Destroyer of Worlds Smith. He'd probably be picked on in school because the kids would probably call him Lucy or something. So we'd have him go by his middle name, Destroyer of Worlds, until he's older, then he can go back to Lucifer.

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