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When was music best?

The Lone Magician

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as other have said music was never the best because something always comes along and tops it for someone out there.

The era most enjoyed for me is the 90's to present. Most bands i listen too are from that era. And the amount of :awesome: bands is vast as is the genres. Today is a good time for music IMO. there may be alot of shite*there always was* but there are more quality bands than there ever were

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I agree that the current era is great for music, if only because of the proliferation of self-recording and self-publishing technologies. It means that a lot of bands that don't have any mainstream appeal whatsoever (say, drone metal bands) can still publish tons of albums. It's probable that there were tons of interesting bands historically that could never get a record deal, and so we've never heard their music -- though, if they had been around today, they could have just recorded an album themselves.

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