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70 Cuban youths who were arrested on Monday for wearing a bracelet with the word “cambio”, (change), etched on them.

As many as 70 young people were arrested Monday in Havana, for wearing wristbands with the word "Cambio," or change, according to Cuban Encuentro. They were taken to the police station at Zanja and Dragones, and as of Tuesday only about 10 had been released.

Among those arrested was the nephew of political prisoner Fabio Prieto.

The press, which somehow always has room to spare for stories about a guy snorting coke off Britney Spear's chest in a hot-tub, somehow has largely missed this story. On the up side, at least some in the US Senate noticed.

Today, two Cuban American Senators, one a democrat, one a republican brought the plight of these Cuban youngsters to light on the Senate floor. Wearing wristbands identical to those worn by the arrested protesters in solidarity the Senators who were joined by Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL), John Cornyn (R-TX), praised the protesters and denounced the communist Cuban regime.

Until Castro dies.. which of course will be the story of the decade we can count on the main stream media to preserve their spots on the island no matter to what degree they must prostate themselves to the whims of the Cuban government.

On the upside, here's a chance for our Embassy and the CIA to be useful. Boxes on every street corner, stat.

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