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Political bias in the news

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Just like so many reports before it, a joint survey by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and Harvard's Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy — hardly a bastion of conservative orthodoxy — found that in covering the current presidential race, the media are sympathetic to Democrats and hostile to Republicans.

so... where do you get your news?

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I think in general this is true across the whole nation, most people are sympathies to the Democrats since the last eight years have been so positive

But I get my news from BBC and Reuters

last survey I saw (admittedly a year old now) the overall political bias of the US was ever so slightly to the right, but it's only by a few percentage points.

my experience is the last 8 years hasn't shifted the political alignment of most people, just the magnitude. Most conservatives who don't like Bush much don't because he isn't really a very good conservative- even ignoring the military, the absolute size of the government has gone up under his watch, etc, etc.

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"News"? Although I don't believe about 90% of what I read in the newspaper or what I see on television (10% is the weather report, that usually isn't precise anyways), most of my "news" comes from the television. However, it's all tainted & after seeing how much corruption exists in the government, business, media, & other agencies, I just take it all as a reminder that the world is heading down the crapper. It doesn't matter who ends up being the top political party or leader, we're all going to be screwed & shafted in the end! (^o^ ) <3

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healthy attitude is healthy.

I worry about it being entertainment focused, having opinion reported as fact (and people not being able to tell the difference) and selection bias keeping a lot of important stories off the air because they don't agree with the views of the presenter (or getting bad, insufficiently fact checked stories getting green lighted because even if it didn't happen, you're sure something similar did?)

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I don't give a shit most of the time, but I get information from BBC World when I do want something news-esque.


Oh, but I am aware of a political bias. Not only in the news but almost everywhere. It's ridiculous. I think that if a "news" outlet is going to report events, they should do it factually and not let their opinions get in the way of the facts.

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