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Why do these deformations always happen in the heart of hindu india.

Billy Bob: Earl, something ain't right with this here drinkin water.

Earl: Oh? Tastes alright to me. What's wrong with it?

Billy Bob: Well, for one, it glows... and it makes mah gums bleed something fierce.

Earl: Well that's just the minerals and what not letting you know they's at work fortifying your body and what have you.

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Why do these deformations always happen in the heart of hindu india.

People in rural India have much less ability to seek medical help, which lets medical conditions like this mature into what we see, rather than being treated at birth.

Any civilized country would have aborted her.

You're a fucking retard.

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Dude, that big of a deformity in this country probably would be aborted if they detected it early. The fact that they can fix her by surgery is astounding but its going to be years and a good many hours under the knife before she can live a normal life.

I thought you were supposed to be wise, scott. you disappoint me.

Anyways, its fucked up- yeah, but I think you're wrong about the fact that any civilized country would abort the baby.

I mean 4 arms and 4 legs is a bit extensive, but think about all the chernobyl babies and japanese A-bomb babies that had brains on the outside of their skulls and extra this and not having that and so on, those survived- for the most part. and lived. why should a girl with a few extra limbs be considered that much a threat to a 'socialized' existence?

Normally I'd think that was pretty metal being like 'YEAH KILL BABIES' but you've mistaken metal for ignorance my friend.

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Guys lay off Scott..you people are so immature on your flames of him, he's entitled to his opinion but jus posting and calling him a retard doesn't help.

its good to know that the young lady is getting an operation..and the Circus can go fuck themselves.

Tell him not to be such a retard.

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