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Operation: Mindcrime 2


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The following update has been posted at QUEENSRYCHE's official website:

Queensrÿche returned to the studio this summer to record the long-anticipated sequel to 1988’s acclaimed concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Praised by critics and certified platinum, the original remained on Billboard’s album chart for more than a year and its dynamic music and powerful message still resonate today. Rhino Records helps unravel the mysteries of the original with Operation: Mindcrime II. The album is available March 14 at regular physical and digital retail outlets and at www.rhino.com for a suggested retail price of $18.98.

Operation: Mindcrime II contains a 15-song story and is performed by the Seattle-based quintet – singer and chief songwriter Geoff Tate; guitarists Michael Wilton and Mike Stone; bassist Eddie Jackson, and drummer Scott Rockenfield.

Tate says the current political and social climate inspired him to revisit the storyline. “I left the original open-ended with the intent to come back with a sequel to finish the story up,” he says. “Considering where we are today and how little things have changed, it was too ironic not to continue the story.”

Operation: Mindcrime’s intriguing and complex plot revolves around Dr. X, a political puppet master who brainwashes Nikki, the story’s main character, to assassinate corrupt public figures. The story also includes Nikki’s lover, Sister Mary. A former teenage prostitute who becomes a nun, Sister Mary is murdered mysteriously, leaving the cliffhanger “Who Killed Sister Mary?”

Set 20 years after the original, Operation: Mindcrime II explores Nikki’s fate after being released from prison and reveals the identity of Mary’s killer. “I tried to put myself in Nikki’s shoes and imagine what it would be like for him to come back to society after spending 20 years in jail stewing about what happened to him,” Tate says. “I became fascinated with the concept of revenge and what that would do to a person like Nikki. The story is ultimately about how Nikki wrestles with his conflicted emotions. On one side, his base instincts are pushing him to kill those who wronged him. On the other side, his conscience–represented by the spirit of Sister Mary – urges him to learn from his past mistakes and find salvation.”

Earlier this year Queensrÿche launched a sold-out tour featuring the original Operation: Mindcrime performed in its entirety with actors on stage portraying the characters alongside the band. Tate says the band plans to launch a tour in 2006 that will feature a stage performance of both Mindcrimes in their entirety. “The actors on stage with us add a new dimension to the music,” he says. “It’s different than your typical rock show, but the audiences really got into the Mindcrime I tour. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to combine both albums into one show. It’s going to be epic.”

Operation: Mindcrime II will feature the following tracks: 'I'm American', 'One Foot In Hell', 'Hostage', 'The Hands', 'Speed Of Light', 'Signs Say Go (Will I Surrender?)', 'Re-Arrange You', 'The Chase', 'A Murderer', 'Circles', 'If I Could Change It All', 'An Intentional Confrontation', 'A Junkie's Blues (Everything Will Be Alright)', 'Fear City Slide', 'All The Promises'.

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I'm going to assume you've never been subjected to their shit. In a car. For 2 hours. AT HIGH SOUND PRESSURE LEVELS. I had to go listen to Motorhead afterwards just to get my ears recalibrated. They shouldn't charge for that shit. They shouldn't even call it music. If you want to get fucked up and tripped out and fuck around with some guitars and keyboards and cats fucking then go right ahead, but when you decide to put it on a disc and sell it for real American dollars then you offend me. The Mars Volta is the sound of art fags and goth scenesters who wouldn't know a godamned musical composition from a hole in their nose. It's a shame the entire fucking band didn't overdose. Even Richard David James thinks the Mars Volta is a bunch of pointless noise. And while we're on the subject, most of what I say goes for At The Drive-In as well. Fuck the lot of them.

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