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Now, I haven't posted any of my work on the net for about a year now. But I really need to get back in the groove of writting.

So, here's a poem I wrote a few months back. Let me know what you think.


We all just get caught up in the darkness and the heat.

the heavy eyes of the air become our earth,

they smile, sinking like elipses

but deep down that's oh so clearly a lie

So the green grass is sweating its patterns of complexity

that seem to soak and bleed out of the chlorophyll.

the expected earthiness is conspicuously absent there,

but in the sweaty thighs of young women it bursts out in spades.

I'm just going to resign myself to concrete stairs on summer nights

to lose myself entirely on their blind warmth. it always reminds me of body heat

but ripped out of flesh by the sun and thrown back down,

eaten up by the sand and pebbles, who, in competition for the warmth,

sacrifice their livelihood of naked angles,

all for only a strangled position around passive radiance

but hey, at least I can flail.


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