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Disgaea anime series trailer


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Though I more than anyone would tend toward history in all things I would like to hope that this will do well. Xenosaga was bad in concept and thus produced a poor anime as well. Tales of Eternia had a similar problem but I thought was done at least slightly better simply because it was less serious. Disgaea on the other hand has several advantages that I can see at least at this early stage.

It itself didn't take itself seriously, taking alot of pressure off the creators to have fun with it. Also, the game was character driven and just by watching the preview it appears that at least what made these characters so lovable has carried over. Lastly, music also appears to have been brought from the game as well which I thought fit had added to the character of the game and no doubt will to the anime well. Xenosaga would have benifited greatly from this but alas....

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