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Random Thoughts XI: LA REVOLUTION


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Hey, all the power to you. If you manage to get stable money, you could do tons musically.

Exactly. And as much as I love music I don't want to do it professionally because the majority of jobs will either be teaching positions or playing random gigs to try to create a steady cash flow.

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There occasionally is in yaoi.

Well, depending on your definition of "semi-realistic", there might be a lot. There's at least a little. XD

I don't think he is interested in Yaoi

Twitter is great for commnicating with authors, I just asked J.C. Hutchins a question and he responded right back. And then I made a typo and can't go back to fix it without him probably noticing.... so it's both good and bad.

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Why are you all so calm, your all dead.

Walk outside.

Your fucking dead, life as we know it will not last another 50 years.

Talk a little walk outside, look at the calender, look at the trees, and if you if you don't notice somethings fishy, then i am alone on my crusade

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