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The DBZ live action movie thread

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If the leaked screening is the same one that's going to be released next month then a lot has been changed since the version AICN saw.

- Piccolo never wields a blade. And the "fight" between him and Goku lasts about five minutes at best.

- Yamcha and Goku never fight.

- The high school scenes are cut down to about ten minutes or so.

- Shenron/Shenlong is actually shown now but doesn't speak.

- Mai has a lot more scenes. Even more then Piccolo.

And thankfully this


never happens.

Also, it's still a terrible movie but campy enough where if you don't take it seriously you'll have a good time with a group of friends. Alcohol will probably help the experience.

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This movie is exactly what I expected. So awful it's good.

im almost starting to think that people are going out of their way to make movies like this.

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Weed certainly didn't help this movie.

OK, I laughed, but not at the scenes that were supposed to be funny.

It was better then most comedies though?

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