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Writers Guild of America Strike

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Ok well, the Writers guild of America is on strike. The reason is because they are getting no residuals from the online streams. The company is the only one getting 100% profit off of the online reruns, some shows like Lost do not air any reruns on TV anymore and just stream them on their website so those writers/actors and other crew get no money from it. Although obviously the actors and some writers don't necessarily need the money a lot of the other smaller jobs rely on every check they get. So the internet is the future of shows and they want it written somewhere in all of their contracts that they get some small bit of money from the web.

This sucks because my favorite tv show, "The Office" now won't have anymore new episodes. On Jenna Fishers myspace blow (Pam from the Office) she said that the next episode is the funniest and that it has to do with her and Jim at Michaels house but she couldn't say more. I'm pretty disappointed and I support the WGA in their decision to strike.

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i really didn't want them to strike. there are so few enjoyable shows on as it is. and due to the strike (which i totally agree with the writters, brothas needs to get paid) we're gonna see waay more reality shows next season.

i LOATHE reality tv. the reason i watch tv is to get away from reality.

this shit needs to be settled already. i think i read somewhere that the talk are going to continue (or begin?) after thanksgiving.

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You do realize that is a month old and written before the strike, right?

Anyone, this blog has really good coverage of the strike: http://www.triggerstreet.com/gyrobase/Trig...est?oid=1246686

I really didn't read that article, I just assumed since I looked it up on google news it would be good enough. I already new about the strike, i'll replace that link in my original post.

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