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I don't see anything wrong with it as long as you're eating what you kill, but then again none of us need to hunt for food anymore so really most people only do it because they get some sort of sadistic thrill out of killing something. Hunting as a sport is absolutely appalling, I don't see how needlessly destroying life is sporty. They say killing animals is a sign of a serial killer, but you're perfectly sane if you call it "hunting."

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Depends. If you hunt on land where birds are released for you to shoot, that's pointless killing. If you go out into the woods with a rifle or shotgun, that's meh. If you go out into the woods with a spear and a knife, that's badass.

I eat meat. I can't really condemn killing animals for food.

As for the whole hunting vs killing thing, i think that well some may get a thrill out of the killing, it can also be self delusion. You can assert your power over nature, you can get some kind of thrill from this primordial action, but in the end, you're still probably using a mass produced modern gun. I cna see the sport in killing a bear with a spear, not in sitting around and shooting a deer.

Killing for trophies I find pathetic and pointless. Unless you do it with a spear or knife. Then you have the right to show off.

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I came up in an hunting family and lifestyle and enjoy hunting, I hunt deer, duck, geese and turkey (nothing better then eating a wild turkey, other then the one you shot). I dont have any issue with people who eat what they kill, only those who do it for sport.

You may not like hunting but (through our own faults) have made it necessary to keep the populations in check. So until their natural predators are reinstated, get used to hunting.

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i don't like it at all. maybe i just can't understand it because i don't live in an area where it is not part of the "culture". i know a lot of people like it as like a connection to nature, but i would feel a lot more connected to nature just living in it. like if i killed something with a gun i'd feel very human i think. but again i just don't understand it. i guess it's necessary with all of the overpopulation???

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I don't really have a beef with hunting, theres only two things i dont agree with...

Gun hunting is lame, bow hunting is respectable


Totally agree with everything in this post.

Gun hunting is super lame, bow hunting is about the closest you can get to being the coolest person ever.

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The only real positive Firearm hunting has over Archery is the humanity of it. A .30-06 round is far more likely to offer a clean, quick, kill than a broadhead arrow.

Just like with bow hunters, its all in where you shoot it. Only difference being how far is the blood trail to the deer.

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hunting deer I don't think is a big deal, this is why. There has always been a surplus of deer and as nice as it is to have that, coyotes tend to feed off of deer like mother fuckers, personally I'd rather have people hunt deer than have an increase in coyote populous because they are going after all the deer that arn't being hunted. My family are big bow hunters, I've never hunted cause I don't give a fuck. if you want to kill animal do it, if you wanna complain about their rights you can do that too.

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If you hunt for food that's all fine and dandy. I'm possibly going on a hunting trip this winter with some friends from school, we're going to eat a ton of deer meat. Plus, living where I live, hunting deer is essential. They ravage the entire ecosystem, starve to death in winter, and pretty much mess things up because of their overpopulation. It's the lesser of two evils to shoot them dead. That said, hunting just to get trophies on your wall is sadistic.

I'd like to go hunting. If I found myself in a place where people did that a lot, I'd do it. Maybe deer, because venison is good.

Well if you come visit me in the States during hunting season I can probably hook you up with some people to hunt with. We'll even buy you proper hunting attire!

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