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Accelerated Evolution

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns


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From the Agetec site:


Japan’s most legendary wrestling series makes its PlayStation 2 debut this fall! The incredibly popular Fire Pro Wrestling series is famous for its unparalleled gameplay depth and unmatched customization options, and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is the biggest and best title yet. Having been widely imported for years by hardcore wrestling fans, this will be the first time that the North American audience will get to experience this amazing series in their native language.


• The first time this popular Japanese wrestling series has been released in North America on PlayStation 2.

• Up to 8 players can simultaneously go toe to toe..

• A huge variety of match types, everything from Singles to Battle Royal to Electrified Barbed Wire Ropes Exploding Deathmatch!.

• A complete arsenal of wrestling moves and holds. No other wrestling game has such a complete list of moves available..

• The deepest custom wrestler creator anywhere allows players to create and save hundreds of wrestlers, each with their own unique look, moves and AI!.

• The ability to create your own referee, ring, logo, and even belt allows players to recreate any dream match they can think of!.

• Match Maker mode lets players set up their own wrestling show, earn money, and attempt to lure bigger talent to their matches.

Seeing how many wrestling fans we have, not to mention japanophiles, someone besides me has to own this game. If you're looking to buy it, Amazon is your best bet. The big name chains haven't even heard of it for the most part. Any game that lets you pit :hardgay: against Danshoku Dino in the gayest deathmatch ever is worth your money.

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Does this have Toryumon wrestlers?

Look at the rename guide here and see if you can find them. The game uses generic names for all of the wrestlers but at least 3 people have released game saves with all of the wrestlers renamed real proper-like. If the game doesn't have them, go to the forums here and chances are someone has an edit pack with them. Pretty much everyone has been made and remade in the edit packs, including :hardgay: .

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Guys, I witnessed the greatest thing earlier tonight. In a straight shoot match between Mike Tyson and Bas Ruten, Bas knocked Mike out with an open palm slap.

That's right, Bas Ruten bitchslapped Mike Tyson into a KO. No game will ever approach this level of awesome. I'm still laughing my ass off.

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