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So my Great Grandma is in the hospital

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So like the title says, my great grandma is in the hospital. I'm not sure of the specifics, but my dad says it's some sort of disease or something involving her heart. We went to go visit her in the hospital, being Thanksgiving and all, and right as we walk into her room, we see her calling the nurse asking for some kind of pain killer or relaxant, saying that she can't relax and can hardly talk (which was true), looking like she was in great pain. So yeah, I know it's premature, but I'm afraid my grear grandma might die soon. She's, like, 90, so...

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I'm so sorry man. It probably doesn't do a justice, but I hope you feel better. My grandpa passed away two weeks ago and when he was in the hospital, I walked into a similar moment. It's depressing, but do your grieving. She lived 90 years! Not to mention that it's pretty awesome you got to know a great-grandparent.

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So apparently my great grandma isn't doing to well (and is actually around 86, which is still pretty good)... *sigh*... I'm probably going to go see her tomorrow night.

EDIT: Ok, I finally found out exactly what's wrong with her. She has a bit of an enlarged heart (which apparently isn't too serious...) and some sort of back fracture, which is causing her intense pain. We still might go see her tomorrow, unless she's too drugged up to know who we are.

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i know what your going through. NOTE*not trying to derail thread or anything*

my grandma is 99 and has been in and out of the hospital on what was a monthly basis over the last 5 years.

it's hard seeing someone you love in pain and not being able to do anything, but its harder when they've given up on life. as difficult as it may be at times, TRY to enjoy spending this time with her. and remember, nothing is certain.

i can't even count how many times i thought it would be the last time i would see my grandma so don't go thinking too far in advance.

i'm sorry that shes in pain and that you are too. if ya need to chat drop an IM.

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