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my brother


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he's a douche, queer, gay, faggot, whatever you wanna call him. I hate his guts 85% of the time. he takes my games and I tell my mom don't take em, he's stupid and I tell him the RB controller does not work on GH3 and he takes that and my xplorer guitar anyway. I don't take his stuff, but of course my mom takes his side and acts like he's the one who owns all my games.

mainly i guess what i'm saying is. my mom takes his side too much, he talks about her behind her back all the time and yet she still stays loyal to him. never believes anything i say, being the younger one sucks because you never get to say what you think or say he did this, he did that and they believe you.

basically saying I don't get any say in the matter, nor is my opinion accounted for and god forbid something flow my way.

he says i never wanna go anywhere with my family yet they expect me to want to go things like..home depot...wal-mart...kohl's (wtf?)

my new theory is, he's a woman trapped in a male body.

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Assuming you both live in the same house, just take your stuff back when he takes it. If you don't like some of the conditions your mom and brother have going for you then try and find a part time job on the side of school and stash some money away to get an apartment or small house in the future.

You probably won't be able to get a high paying job at your age, and cleaning shitters, or packing burgers, or even stocking food at a local store might not be your ideal job, but it still nets you money. And once you have money to buy your own things, or live in your own house/apartment there isn't anything or anyone to tell you what to do or take your shit.

Well, at least until you get a girlfriend. Things kind of tapper off after that. :awesome:

As for going to places you don't want to go with your mom, like Alundra said, that's just life and it sucks. I'm sure most of AE has a story where our parents took us someplace for long ass periods of time where we didn't want to go.

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Warn him about three times, if he's still being a dick, Fuck him up. Beat his ass good at least once and he think twice about being a bitch. Kick his ass twice and and he'll never fuck with you.

ehh he kinda wins fights =/ he outweighs me by 60-70 pounds

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