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Your Top 10 favorite Comedy movies

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What are your top 10 favorite comedy movies?

Here are mine.

1) Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure

2) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

3) Austin Powers

4) Waynes World

5) This is Spinal Tap

6) Spaceballs

7) The 40 year old Virgin

8) Rush Hour 2

9) Harold and Kumar

10) Dumb And Dumber

I think this is a pretty solid list. These are in no specific order but my favorite would probably be Monty Python.

The award for most rewatchable goes to Bill and Ted, and most quotable is a toss up between The 40 year old Virgin, Dumb and Dumber and Monty Python.

I think I shall watch Monty Python tonight actually.

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