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Namco's latest entry in the Tales series for the PlayStation 2, Tales of Legendia, has recieved a US release date as well as a preorder campaign. Like Tales of Symphonia, anyone who preorders Tales of Legendia will also recieve an artbook along with the game - reportedly about the same size as the Symphonia artbook.

Tales of Legendia is currently set for a February 7, 2006 release date.

Source: GamesAreFun

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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children VA announced....

Cloud Strife: Steve Burton

Tifa Lockhart: Rachael Leigh Cook

Kadaj: Steve Staley

Rufus Shinra: Wally Wingert

Reno: Quinton Flynn

Rude: Crispin Freeman <-------------!!!!!!!!

Yazoo: Dave Wittenberg

Loz: Fred Tatasciore

Vincent Valentine: Steve Blum <---------------------!!!!!!!

Barett Wallace: Beau Billingslea

Cid Highwind: Chris Edgerly

Yuffie Kisaragi: Christy Romano

Cait Sith: Gregg Ellis

Red XIII: Liam O'Brien

Reeve: Jamieson Price

Tseng: Ryun Yu

Elena: Bettina Bush

Marlene: Wallace Grace Rolek

Denzel: Benjamin Bryan

Girl: Andrea Bowen

Zack: Rick Gomez

Aerith Gainsborough: Mena Suvari

Sephiroth: George Newbern

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I've already seen it in Japanese and if the domestic release does not offer a japanese track then I won't buy it.

You guys can enjoy your dubs.

I'm not a dub or sub purist, but I will be upset if the NA release doesn't offer both tracks. I've also already seen it (a poor quality version), but I'll pick it up if there is a Japanese track.

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Atlus Talks New Persona

At an event to commemorate the release of Devil Summoner: Kuzu no Ha Raidou to Chouryoku Heidan, art director Kazuma Kaneko and director Kazuyuki Yamai did not only talk about the recently released PlayStation 2 title, but also about their upcoming projects. When asked by fans about the Persona series, a laughing Kaneko explained that while the company had announced PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS installments of the popular series, the development teams were not informed about these plans. Hence he refused to talk about specifics. According to Yamai, the possibility of Persona appearing on PlayStation 2, and not PlayStation Portable does exist, though. He also confirmed that there will be another new Persona game.

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