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Accelerated Evolution

I would like the thank SEGA

Svenska Aeroplan

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It's the expansion. Ambition of the Illuminus. (Is that a real word?) I haven't played it online yet. I just blasted through offline story mode.

And, PSU has always been a fun game. It's just the community that sucks huge huge HUGE ass.

I want to play again but I lost my fucking key.

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Got it.

1) Download game http://www.psobb.com/downloads/client.php

2) Launch game and update

3) Download haxord files and replace old ones in install folder http://www.schtserv.com/patch/jp-en.rar

4) Download fix for EP4 and extract to \data\ in install folder. http://www.schtserv.com/patch/data-fix.exe

5) If you are running XP x64 or Vista, download a hacked launcher (JP_BB_Fix.exe) and use it to run game. http://www.sendspace.com/file/86c6va

....use regular launcher for updates

6) Register new account here http://schtserv.com/bbregister.php

7) Play with me!

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wow, SCHTAK is still around.

there was a another site that had a set up to a TON of hacked servers.

and i'm fairly certain i posted it/made a thread here about it. i'll have to try and dig it out later, but everything ran great.

i was just wondering if there were any hacked servers set up for PSU as i have yet to play it.

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