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Accelerated Evolution

Rockman ZX


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first. I have to get this out of my system:

can't.. resist...



with that out of hte way, a quote from LBD Nytetrayn of the Megaman Network to explain things:

Note, I do NOT know for sure if this is just some clever hoax, or the real deal. It certainly seems legit, but the person who found it cited GamesAreFun.com as the source, but I've had no luck turning it up there. Maybe I just missed it?

So far, the name of it has been translated as "Rockman Zekusu," or "Zechs" in a more simplified Romanization("Rockman" pronounced as "Rokkuman" by the Japanese).

Translations from various sources have turned up the following tidbits:

1) There seem to be two main characters, a male and a female, by the names of Van and Ale/Elle, respectively.

2) They wear clothing made from a "live metal" that can absorb abilities.

3) The two can transform with the live metal that was excavated from ruins(a tie of some sort to Legends?).

4) Seems to be due out this Spring in Japan.

If you can translate and/or correct any of the information provided, please do so and I'll add it to our newspost at The Mega Man Network, along with a proper news credit(unless you wish to remain anonymous).

LBD "Nytetrayn"

next, the screens:


our heroes!





but! now there's another character!





not much else to mention, but it's coming out for the Nintendo DS of course, and with a release so soon, I'd say we can expect US release in September/October as we've seen with the Zero series thus far [a Japanese Spring release, a US fall release during the same year]

and from what I can tell, we've got Van here doing "ZX Henshin"


EDIT: hum, is it possible to move this over to Unit 17? :D

EDIT: ah, just got this from a friend, the text in the Henshin pics says

"X Henshin Sankou" and "ZX Henshin Sankou"

Sankou meaning "reference" or "consultation" like the verb "to reference" or "to consult"

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In this game you begin by selecting from either the male character Van, or the first female protagonist of the Rockman series: Eile. There hidden powers are...?

Live Metals are mysterious pieces of metal excavated from places such as ancient ruins. There are various types of metals, and they contain recorded information concerning the history and armaments of bygone days. It's said that further knowledge and power can be recognized in the Live Metals according to one's own intentions. Van and Eile use the Live Metals to transform into the Model X form.

Another character of yet unknown identity is able to perform the Model Z transformation. What is the relation of Model X and Model Z? What is Rockman ZX?

Credit: Heatman, Atomic Fire

Credit: Irasu and BluBomer89, and any other's I've missed

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More ZX info from Jeuxfrance and Atomic Fire,

Jeuxfrance has a couple of magazine scans from Nintendo Dream which finally give us a bit of insight into this latest Rockman series. The basis of the story is as follows:

A future world where technology has progressed. War between the humans and Reploids came to a demise by heroic efforts. Gaining the respective attributes of each, humans were permitted to have "mahcine bodies" and Repliroids "life spans," and the boundaries separating both beings faded. Hundreds of years after that, Reploids that became Irregulars began to break out around the world, and obstructed the exchange between nations. To combat this, people (both humans and Repliroids) established the self-defence system they called "Guardian." They carry out an investigation of the Irregular source in the defence of originally remote regions.

Also, by the image of the mysterious tower-like structure which prevails many times in images of ZX, the caption reads "Countries are branched into the safety zone "Inner" where people live, and the danger zone "Outer" where Irregulars outbreak.

We also have some insight into the two main protagonists, Vent and Aile:

Vent: A young boy who works at the carrier service "Silve Express." 10 years before, he lost his mother on the occasion of an Irregular attack. He's strong spirited and swiftly acting, but if someone is in distress he'll run into action without looking back.

Aile: A young girl who also works at the Silve Express. Like Van, she also lost her mother 10 years before due to Irregulars. Having a fairly rigid character, she takes a frank attitude around with her.

The mysterious youth who takes on the Model Z form is also shown, but his identity remains mysterious, as does the game's release date. It should also be noted that all the action seems to take place on the DS' top screen, which still leaves to the imagination what the touch screen might be used for. Stick around for future updates as they come.

Update: For those curious with the interview, you can see a (rough) translation here, that contains some more curious info on the game.

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Japanese version was released last week, and so far the reviews have been good.

It has also been confirmed that if you insert a Rockman Zero 3 cart into your DS, you'll unlock special bosses in ZX, though, seems they are just the same ones from Z3.

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