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Wait, wait, wait!

So the KKK has to fight and go through hell just to have a chance to say their views out in public. (Not that I think they should even though they have the right.) But this racist douche bag gets put on Cspan and once taught at a college?! :blink:

This kind of thing reminds me of that case back a year or two ago when a few black guys went on a killing spree after and only after random latinos. Killing two or three people. But the police and government refused to even entertain the idea that it could be a hate/race crime.. For no other apparent reason then the fact that the suspects were black.

This is getting almost as bad as the bias in which sexism is viewed through today... :mellow:

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I agree that it is harder for minorities in general to get along in society, but that was all trash. No one, for instance, makes a black man smoke except for himself. And well, I'm white but I certainly don't want to kill any black people. I think the man brought up a lot of good points, but it's more the government and corporations who are doing all of this, to all of society.

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