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What to play though? I already have a 70 Lock and a 60 Rogue, the rogue I won't play. Honestly thinking of a BE hunter, that work for you guys?


I used a BE Hunter to farm gold for awhile. They're fair enough.

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Wait, is Baradin Bay Privateers still active?

I figured I'd join the laid back raiding guild that my friend is in.

Yeah. LQ, myself, my friend Rowan, Keighly, and a few newer people are on a regularly. I haven't been in the last week or so because I'm busy with school, but they have. We have a guild bank that actually has stuff and money and shit in it now too. I'd LOVE to be in a guild that's getting organized for end game... And Lich King launch.

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I was screwing around last night and made a Blood Elf Rouge on this server at my friend's house.

Anyone still play?

(not like I will get the chance that often. lol)

edit: Name: Abortionist

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