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Accelerated Evolution

musical obsession of the week/month/etc.

Tanni Foemangler

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ive been listening to way too much trance and progressive house, i think i bleed glowstick goo now...

DJ Teisto



DJ Keoki

Dj Liquid

Allow me to add.... DJ Tiesto is consuming soul for probably the 6th time in the last year.


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Radiohead's 'Ok Computer' album.......have moved on from my previous obsessions. I do go back and forth though

My CD of that no longer works. Discovering that on the drive to school on Tuesday made Tuesday the worst day of my life. I didn't have enough time to ask for a new copy for my birthday.

Yes. OK Computer is my favorite album ever without a doubt.

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Ensiferum. Kickass folk metal, melodic death metal, viking metal, whatever you want to call it.

Also AC/DC because I just picked up a large tablature book of theirs.

About time more people become obsessed wiuth ensiferum.

I'm really getting into Talesien at the moment.

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what the fuck? wasn't the world of metal collectively sucking Ensiferum's balls last year?

I have to agree, with the release of Dragonheads they've definitely taken a turn for the worse. You can really hear that Jari is gone...

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Since I got new speakers, Sunn O))).

did you have to get new speakers after listening to sunno))) blew the other ones out?

i heard that boris' absolutego album comes with some kind of warning about not listening too loud ...

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