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Accelerated Evolution

return of the official unofficial AE comics

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*updated 4/17/06: see bottom of post

first things first, get caught up on your reading

coop, meet buki

send in number two...

number two, meet canvas

heard you need some heroes

--fuck me

and to wrap up this part of the story so i can move onto something else....


i'm trying to speed up completion time so i just scanned some 'clean' pencils and messed with the levels. i dig the antique look, but if people aren't feeling it i'll try something else next time

and just for nostalgia's sake,

comic 00

comic 01

comic 02

comic 03

current updates: but dude, it's made of METAL

guest comics:

MST3K's strategic geometry

MST3K strikes again

amy is... yeah

a day in the life of mr. jones, by anime gee

the further adventures of mr. jones (guest starring yours truly), by anime gee

set_abominadventures, guest starring tater

set_abominadventures guest starring TCZ and Stranger

set_abominadventures: the truth

Samurai Drifter PROVES he's rad

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Well Venom, c'mon. My job is to make your life as miserable as possible. Isn't that what friends are for? :D

Oh you, c'mere.

*SD runs over to Venom with open arms, expecting a hug*

*Venom smacks him with a mallet*

SD: Ha ha ah!

Venom: Let's go get watermelon and reminisce on the past!

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Those last three posts roughly translated from polite to reality mean "Hurry it up!"

you know that i have a life right? that i'm paying fuckloads of money to do more important things than drawr comic strips of people who could give less of a shit about anything pertaining to me other than the fact that i drawr comic strips about them?

it's pretty rude for people who don't give me much to demand things from me, so if you'd politely stop with the "HURRY UP" stuff, i'll get around to it when i get around to it

and just note, this is really watered down from what i REALLY want to say. i'm not shitting you guys when i say it's really fucking rude to want me to put aside VERY important things to drawr comics for you instead

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