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Verdi is awesome.

Beethoven is tight, too. I also like Dvorak. I really don't listen to enough classical music, though.

I also like John Adams (no, not the historical figure). He wrote the operas Nixon Goes to China and Dr. Atomic. Modern operas FTW. Doctor Atomic especially -- it has elements of experimental music as well, which is cool in my book.

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Shit, is it time for the Classical thread again? Seems like I just set my clocks.

Well, I never much ventured into the Music forum before the crash.

@ Ceraziefish: I forgot about Dvorak, he is another favorite. I never really liked Bach a whole lot. For me, most of his pieces are ones to listen to every now and then and think "Hm. That's pretty interesting." But I never find it at all moving in the way I do with the music of the other composers I mentioned.

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Hmmm, there's always room for classical. The one's I listen to the most are...

Fredrik Chopin

John Field

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ludwig van Beethoven

Gustav Mahler

Giacomo Puccini

Wilhelm Richard Wagner

I especially enjoy Wagner's many operas for its great use of leitmotifs. But then he did pioneer its use to help move the story along and create themes for essentials characters and events throughout the opera. This is why I consider the symphonic score for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings Trilogy one of the better film scores ever produced.

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Brahms is fucking Jesus. The Hungarian Dances make me hard like no other. I also very much enjoy Scarlatti, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart.

But above all I must suggest Concert in D Major Op. 21 by Ernest Chausson. Most of the other songs I have by this guy are average at best, but this, especially the fourth movement, is brilliant beyond measure.

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Beethoven is god, i dont think anyone will ever grace his his plane of genius anytime soon.

As for Vivaldi, if you've heard the '4 seasons' you have heard ever other piece he has ever written. The Red Priest is dead.

Tchaikovsky is probably one of my favorites aside from beethoven. I save a small spot in my heart for Joel McNeely however.

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Or really pretty much anything written by Chopin. Except for the waltzes. I pretty much despise nearly all waltzes.

Especially that very famous "one-minute" waltz. I'm really tired of listening to it. I like some of his waltzes though.

Of the Chopin compositions, I love most his Ballades and Piano Concertos.

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