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Scarface goes to Jail

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About time, eh?

Maybe even some of you are thinking, hey the fucker deserves it? Nah, you all aren't that big of pricks. heh


So, I have a story to tell you. And when I say it isn't doctored I mean it. This is the whole story, so help me God and all that truth implying shit.


Last Thursday night, nearing the end of my Spring Break week, I called up a friend who lives in St. Pete. Now this friend, I won't lie, she is a person I care deeply for. I doubt me and her will ever hook up, but the fact of the matter is, I like hanging out with her despite anything else. She has an uncle, my best friend. She tells me to tell her uncle that we should all go out Thursday night. My friend agrees, and we plan accordingly. I am to be the DD for the night. That's fine. I can do that. heh

My brother calls me. (insert foreshadowing or some gay shit.) He asks me if we are going out tonight. SOMEONE had told him that we were. I really don't know who. It wasn't me, I really don't like going out with him as I usually have to take care of his irresponsible ass.

You see though I am a bit reckless when it comes to things like this I have matured to the point where I don't screw around in public anymore. My brother isn't like that, and every time we go out, he is a liability. (As shown later on in this post.)

So, he tags along with us. Which isn't that big of a deal except it really cost me my ass this time around. We get to this girls house and we all start having a good time playing drinking games and what not. I'm the DD, but eh...the amount of beer I drank would have left my system by the time we had to leave anyways. It wasn't a big deal.

The club scene was nice. This girl brought some of her friends along. Some I had met, some new faces. The crowd meshed pretty well. Nothing went wrong, we all had a nice drunken good time.

Closing time. We all leave. Still no problems. I am outside having a great time taking pictures with girls getting numbers and flirting with drunk people, the usual for me. My brother comes over to me, telling me this, "Yo, you see that guy over there in the red shirt? I don't know why, but I really want to kick his ass."

Me, "Why? What the hell did he do to you?"

"Nothing really, I just really want to beat his ass."

One of the other guys we were with starts to instigate the matter. My brother, now with at least one person supporting him runs off. I think nothing of it and continue with what I was doing prior.

The next thing I hear is some huge co motion from behind me. I see my brother and a cop. The two are in each others faces. WONDERFUL. My brother is spouting off about some stupid shit, drunk as hell and who know what else he was on. He was screaming to this guys face to "ARREST HIM," and asking "WHAT DID I DO?"

Me being the nice and caring brother that I am, goes off and tries to resolve the issue. I apologize to the officer who I don't even think is paying attention to me and get between the two. I push my brother away who is still blabbing stupid drunken nonsense over my shoulder.

My friend is involved too. He is trying to figure out what happened and why there is even a problem, though the one causing this whole scene is my brother, who I can't seem to shut up. It was at this point that the officer had enough. He gets me out of the way and I guess had called for backup. I then see my brother being put in hand cuffs.

It was at this point that emotions started to kick in. none of the cops would answer any of my questions. Me and my friend were just trying to figure out what he had done, because we just wanted to grab him and get home at this point. Wasn't going to happen. I guess the cop got tired of our questions and my brothers blatant disrespect for authority, because he soon pulled out the big guns; his Tazer.

Now, if anyone follows any threads I do make, then you might have read the one about the kid from the University of Florida getting tazed at a John Kerry pep rally. Me and my friend see the tazer and instantly back away. Things don't seem to be getting any better for us, so I go to a near by bench and sit down for a second. With my head in my hands I don't really know what to do at this point. it was then that I hear one of the girls we were with scream something like "Oh my God, or NO!" I look up and now see my best friend getting hand cuffed up. I couldn't tell you why, I still don't know.

I was in tears at this point. There were a good seven cops now and the crowd had grown to a rather large amount. My brother is on the trunk of the cop car, getting his hands placed behind his back. He then looks at me, at my weakest moment and starts screaming in pain and also screaming, "HELP!"

My emotions get the best of me. Call me a dumb ass or whatever. I start yelling, tears clouding my vision. Mind you, I am not cursing the cops out or anything, I just want someone to answer me. I am loud, sure. I was pleading with the cops to please go easy on him, that he was screaming out in pain, and that there was no need to be so rough with him. My voice doesn't lower until one cop looks at me, and whispers something in another cops ear. The said cop turns to look at me and charges me.

He puts his hands on me, and by instinct I flinch. The cop mutters, "Resisting arrest!" and pushes me to the ground. Now I am in in cuffs too. What the fuck.

In the back of the truck me, my friend and my brother are all bewildered at the situation. My brother is still a loud obnoxious mess, my friend is ranting about taking their badges. Me, well...heh. If I told you this was my first ride in one of these things, I'd be lying. I was rather quiet and complacent on the whole situation. It was already too late for any of that.

Long story short, (Well, it is a long story, but the booking and everything isn't really important.) I got charged with 2 (count em) TWO felonies. Battery on a Leo (a cop) and resisting arrest with violence. My friend gets the same charges pretty much and my fucking brother gets a misdemeanor.


Now, here is where its gets fun for me.

"but Scar, yer clearly not in the wrong, what do you care? This case will get dropped, yada yada yada."

Sure, I don't think they can stick two felonies on me, BUT (and this is a very big but) I was on PTI, which is a form of probation for something stupid I did last year. These charges will re-open up that case and now I could be facing jail time for both situations.

Not only is this going to cost me an arm and a leg to even begin to try and fix, but it's more money that I can afford right now.

I was going to school to become a firefighter, but if any of this shit sticks to my record I can kiss that career out the window.


So, really, honestly. All yer problems mean shit to me. This is my future, seemingly ruined...because of what?



Now, you may reply to this and be like, "You should have known better." Better then what? to speak out? Where is that thing called the freedom of speech now?

I mean, sure I could have said nothing as I witnessed my brother being arrested.

But answer me this, who is a worse person? Someone who watches their sibling going to jail and saying nothing, or someone that sticks up for family?

Is this the America we are living in?

Life is fucked up. I just hope I don't get jail time.

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Life is full of random moments that go sour. I guess your brother will learn from all this. It kinda sucks that you got dragged along, but I would have let his ass go. My brothers konw what's up. If anyone of them want to get rowdy, they know that they're on their own. Defending family is great & all, but when there's almost no reason to do it, like in your brother's case, sometimes it's best to let it go & then pick them up after all the shit is over.

I don't think you'll get charged with anything, but your brother probably will get a disturbing the peace & maybe resisting arrest. A slap on the wrist & maybe a small amount of jail time will be his discipline.

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Yeah, you cannot win against cops in force. Now If it were just one cop, don't struggle, knock that nigga out.

This sucks man, I do think its complete bullshit. They view anyone who speaks up as a threat, Im sure they were trying to control the crowd, but its still bullshit you got charged for asking questions.

I personally have an extreme dislike for cops, and hopefully one day I can see the pig's blood in the streets!

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I'd defend my family but if cops get involved, fuck them it's their fault. You'll never win against cops, I hope for you and your careers sake you get out of this with a clean slate.

This. I'm sorry, but I am not stepping in for someone if he's going to act stupid. I'll try and prevent a confrontation, but I'm not about to yell at cops when clearly he did something wrong.

So, Scarface, I think what you did was noble. It wasn't smart, but it was noble of you to step in for your dumbass sibling.

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I totally understand what you did. I know in the past month, I have had a few run-ins with police officers. Now, I don't have a problem with cops, while all of my friends do. I don't always agree with how they handle situations, which makes me resent some of them, but in general, I don't have a problem with them because I don't really break any laws.

But yeah, I don't blame you for letting your emotions take over. It does attest to your character. Luckily, the few times that I have gotten upset and in a police officers face, nothing was done to me, but that is probably because I am a girl (honestly) and also I am pretty good at maintaining some type of control over my words in certain situations.

Yeah, it might have been better for yourself to stay away and try and hold back, but your instincts and emotions begged to differ.

It sucks that you potentially jeopardized your future, but I think that something will work itself out, and if it doesn't, then hopefully your family and friends will surround you with the same support that you have shown them.

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1) your brother may have made an ass of himself, but he's still your brother. What you did may have not been smart, but it was definitely not wrong. You must, however, accept the consequences of your actions. You chose to place yourself in the vicinity of cops in a highly emotional situation, at what I'd assume was an hour when they were more interested in breaking things up than justice. Not saying it's right, just saying that there's a reason some people choose to not help.

2) Legally, assuming it's like it is up here, they'll just drop everything. I'm guessing that the DA will have no interest in this. I don't know what PTI is (I'm guessing its like an ACD up here, but IIRC, up here the standard length is 6 months,) but if these charges are dropped, that should make the outlook better for it.

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You know I have to get involved in this.

Anyways, you didn't do anything wrong, but trying to interfere with police investigation pretty much pisses them off and gives them more reason to take you in too. When he was being arrested, you can't do anything about it, from the point the officer makes the decision the "suspect" needs to be taken in, there's no turning back. Getting in the officers way is obstruction of justice, plain and simple, and even though your intention was all for the good, you're breaking the law and the police don't have any remorse for people fucking with their jobs.

I know it sucks, but it's just how it is. Once the police step in, cooperating is your best bet.

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Well that is pretty lame that you could be getting fucked out of your future. But I agree, it probably would have best to just let your brother go in and pick him up later. Hoping he learned something. He may have thought you didn't care but if I was in his situation and my brother just let me go, I would have realized he was just teaching me a lesson.

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I wish I got charged with an obstruction of justice charge, but I didn't.

I got a fucking battery charge?

I don't get that. Where did I ever touch a cop in that whole scenario.

The ONLY part of the story I ever got close to a cop was when I pushed my own brother away from the cop before he even got cuffs placed on him.

If I got an obstruction of justice charge, then I could at least understand why the cops arrested me.

but to charge me and then give me a battery charge? Plus along with resisting arrest with violence, (Oh yeah, there was two felonies in this shit hole.) is complete bull shit.

Not to mention my best friend got the same charges and h was about to go into law school. So, as of now both of our futures are on hold.

It sucks.

I hope things get dropped, but the violation of my other probation are looming over my head, and it sucks.

My old case is going t get opened up, and I had like ONE more fucking month until this was done with.

the thing that sucks, is that my dumb ass brother is getting away with hardly anything where me and my friend who were just trying to look out for him are getting the serious shit placed on our records.

Yes, I know my brother completely fucked me. No, I can't look at this and turn my back on him.

I have some stupid brotherly bond with him. Everyone else has turned their back on him, I can't consciously do the same.

I know what i did was stupid, but at the same time, he is my brother. The situation sucked from the get go, I rather knew what was going to happen.

Oh well, if you guys don't see me post for awhile I guess you can assume I am in jail or something. I hope that won't be the case. I will do community service hours, take any class they subject me to take or anything else they might suggest.

That's what I get for being a good brother. How terrible of me.

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I don't care. I want to know what I did to even warrant an arrest?


The battery charge is bullshit, and all I need is my lawyer to get the tape and prove me innocent of that.

Other then that, this shit is fucked up.

I did learn a lesson though.

Don't stand up for what's right. The cops just want to fuck up anyones life they can. Friend, family, or just a wrong doing, keep yer mouth shut. You are wrong even if you are right.


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Sorry man, but it's just common sense not to et riled up by the cops. I mean, I feel for you just trying to figure out what the hell was going on, but if you guys had waited twenty minutes until they had your brother at the cop shop you probably would have found out without getting yourself arrested and been in a substantially better position to help him.

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Update much?


So, like I have t call this whore every Thursday to check in with her and what not. The conversation starts off the same. I give her my address and where I work and she just tells me nothing new has changed with my court date and hearing.

The bitch...before she hangs up decides to throw this in my lap, "Oh, by the way, one of your felony charges got completely dropped and the other was brought down to a misdemeanor. Have a nice day."

The hell? She says it so nonchalantly I almost missed it. The whore, like that wasn't the best news I was going to hear all fucking month. She could have sounded a little more excited. I know I was.

What's it been....3 months of this despair, doubt, and depression? Ugh, all I have to deal with now is this stupid ass VoP shit and I should be free from all this bull shit.

Yay? What a waste of time. I really wish I could do something about the loss of money and trauma this fucking cop caused me for so long. I guess I should just be happy I am "getting off" easy or something.

But yeah, great news for me bitches!

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Read your first post and, yeah, sounds like you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't resist arrest, they had no reason to arrest you, so they can't really convict you of anything there. As for the battery, wtf? Sounds like they just wanted to make it sound worse. I mean, if you tackled the cop, he'd probably flinch, too. Of course, then it'd be assault...

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