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Letterman Pwns O'Reilly

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I dunno, it kinda sputters out at the end when Letterman says "I'm not smart enough to debate this" or something and then Bill gets that smug douchey look on his face again.

http://mediamatters.org/items/200601050006 "After O'Reilly-Letterman "knife fight," Juan Williams defended O'Reilly, compared Letterman to serial killer Gacy"

http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/entertai...s/bill-oreilly/ is an awesome read. It's all true despite the dubious source.

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What does it say about America when a late-night talk show host is more reasonable than a person whom a significant percent of the population go to for political insight? I'd also like to know what the hell this 'culture war' nonsense is all about. It sounds like O'Reily and his group are trying to reduce a legitimate debate over the war into a matter of personal disagreements. Kinda like he has done since 2000. O'Reily needs to come to realize that partisan support and blind devotion to a dying cause aren't the same thing.

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Bill O’Reilly is popular because fox is the only “right wing” (whether they will admit it or not) and for some reason, people seem to like to get their news from people that agree with them…and as the last 2 presidential elections seem to show, about half of the people in this country are republicans.

Any way… I personally believe that O’Reilly makes an ass of himself every time that he goes on television

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It doesn't seem like Bill O'Reilly is that great of a debater in general, unless you count bullying tactics and what not, which is a tactic, but not very sportsmanlike.

The best part about this video is that O'Reilly isn't on the O'Reilly Factor, which means he can't randomly cut mics or cut off the discussion feed when he is bored or fidgety, and is subsequently owned. Perhaps even... Dare I say it? Pwnd?

I thought I posted this in RT? XD Funny news nonetheless.

Yeah, but now it is in its own thread so it's even better than it was before (theoritically). Then again what its purpose is in SD&D is questionable, but as the video deals with politics, I suppose that automatically qualifies it, what with politics being piping hot.

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