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Accelerated Evolution

Music Forecast 2006


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Bands with confirmed album names:

Devin Townsend Band- Synchestria

Sodom- Sodom

Queensryche- Operation: Mindcrime II

Edguy- Rocket Ride

DragonForce- Inhuman Rampage

Norther- Till Death Unites Us

Aborym- Generator

Sadus- Out For Blood

Krisiun- AssassiNation

In Flames- Come Clarity

Mastodon- Blood Mountain

Katatonia- The Great Cold Distance

Bands without album names:

Iron Maiden







Rob Zombie






Cannibal Corpse


Blind Guardian

Celtic Frost



The Flower Kings



Dillinger Escape Plan

Debut bands:

Beyond Fear

Legion Of The Damned


Black Sabbath with Dio

Iced Earth





Guns N' Roses

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don't forget


(office of strategic influence for those who dont know, the side project of Mike Portnoy(Dream Theater) on drums, , Kevin Moore(Chroma Key, ex-Dream Theater) on lead vocals and keyboards, and Jim Mathoes(Fates Warning) on Guitars. The first cd also featured Sean Malone (Gordian Knot) on bass, and Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) on vocals for one song.

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Black Sabbath with dio? o_O

Three new songs to be added to the Dio Sabbath compilation. Better than nothing, right?

Kreutz's Music Forecast:

Shitty with a chance of metalcore, highs in the 1990's with lows in the 2000's.


ouch. Unfortunately unlike good weathermen, this info is pretty much true.

Which info?

The working title is Time ... But I guess you can't officially say that it'll be the actual title


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was 2005 bad? i recall some pretty fucking killer stuff coming out

There's been an equal amount of good stuff every year. It's just that there doesn't seem to be one year where a ton of new albums come out that are all killer. There is always some pretty killer stuff coming out each year, but no year that is exceptional.

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  • Agalloch ~ Ashes Against the Grain
  • An Albatross ~ Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite)
  • Arsis ~ TBA
  • Blind Guardian ~ A Twist In the Myth
  • Burnt by the Sun ~ TBA
  • Cannibal Corpse ~ Kill
  • Cave In ~ TBD
  • Celtic Frost ~ Dark Matter Manifest
  • Cradle of Filth ~ TBA
  • Cretin ~ TBA
  • Cult of Luna ~ TBA
  • Darkthrone ~ The Cult Is Alive
  • Daughters ~ TBA
  • Dim Mak ~ Knives of Ice
  • Dimmu Borgig ~ TBA
  • Don Caballero ~ TBA
  • Dying Fetus ~ TBA
  • The End ~ TBA
  • Ensiferum ~ TBA
  • Enslaved ~ TBA
  • Finntroll ~ TBA
  • Goat Horn ~ TBA
  • Hatebreed ~ TBA
  • Himsa ~ Hail Horror
  • Ihsahn ~ The Adversary
  • In Flames ~ Come Clarity
  • Iron Maiden ~ TBA
  • Isis ~ TBA
  • Kalmah ~ The Black Waltz
  • Katatonia ~ The Great Cold Distance
  • Killswitch Engage ~ TBA
  • Lacuna Coil ~ Karmacode
  • Leviathan ~ TBA
  • Mastadon ~ BloodMountain
  • Mayhem ~ Ordo Ab Chao
  • Monster Magnet ~ TBA
  • Morbid Angel ~ TBA
  • Mouth of the Architect ~ TBA
  • Norther ~ Till Death Us Unites
  • Oxbow ~ The Necrotic Story
  • Peeping Tom ~ Peeping Tom
  • Phobia ~ Cruel
  • Planes Mistaken for Stars ~ Call a Priest
  • Psyopus ~ TBA
  • Shadows Fall ~ TBA
  • Slayer ~ TBA
  • Suffocation ~ TBA
  • The Sword ~ Age of Winters
  • Tool ~ TBA
  • Trivium ~ The Crusade
  • Type O Negative ~ TBA
  • Walls of Jerico ~ TBA
  • Wintersun ~ Time
  • Jeff Walker ~ Welcome to Carcass Country
  • Yakuza ~ Samsara
  • Zao ~ TBA
  • Zombi ~ Surface to Air
  • Zyklon ~ Disintegrate

That's a list I saw at some site... I see it's missing a few things, though.

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