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Accelerated Evolution

Freestyle Gangsta Rap Battle

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Insult the person above you with a four line gangsta Rap verse. Try not to take too long to write it so it's semi freestyled; bonus points for mad cheesy rhymes. I'll start with an example:

You're flow breaks like a urinary tract infection

You're beat is weak, as is your inflection

You should have read The Elements of Style

And put those shit rhymes back on the trash pile


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You suck. You're rhymes can blow me. I hope you're offended, sue me.

You're rhymes lack, have you ever heard of syntax?

You don't give a fuck? You still suck, out of mothefuckin' luck -

When trying to make a rap. Poor sap. You're a pile a crap.

No scratch that! You're a pyramid of shit - buried in a witless rhyme pit!

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Your rhymes are soft like a cooking soufflé

They collapse the second I blow your way

They nothin' but smoke, mirrors and pomp

I'll beat you down with a verbal curb stomp


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I dont spit verse, except when my nine burst

when your hearse drive by i spray it down like the worst

I come Rough see, more crime than mcgruff

and i'll murder your weak flow like i cut my bricks up

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Man you dunno shit, words flow like tar from your frothing mouth,

still trapped within yo mamma embrace,

sucking on the only thing you know to be true,

the only thing that ever gave an ounca shit 'bout chu, chu tommy.

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Look at the man above me, thinking he's better than everything

Mr. higher class can certainly kiss my ass, cause he won't last

He'll go down fast, these rhymes go back in time,

Attacking both future and past, so I beat you now and then

And I'll beat you later, and do it all over again

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lol wtf

I see this guy and think he's rolling in green

If you got problems why's your biggest concern what you've never seen

Watching that higher morality. Ironic in your rhymes

You cant save yourself with the New York Times

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Amy brings the mad noise

the kind of jive you'd expect from the bad boyz

but she's real clean like charlie sheen (yeah right)

not a word about spliffs or killer fiends.

And i'm not sure if this was a diss

but I funkified it with words and twists so you get the jist.

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lol its ae so who can freestyle for real anyway

i'm so glad battlepope responded to me.

its cool......cause i think he's a cool kid.


i like it when people say things to me

that they wouldn't say on MTV

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