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To life like I did in the summer of 2005. Stay up till 5, wake up in time for Star Trek. Read, play video games, and post on AE in between.

Then repeat.

Oh, and a nerdy anime loving poker playing wife would be nice too. Although I think it would be hard to find a girl who does both. I could find an anime nerd and hook her on poker.... that would be easier then hooking a poker addict on anime. And she wears a kinky Star Trek Uniform or a school girl outfit all the time.

You know what, just ignore this post.

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Dream life?

It would involve lots of pr0n making, booze, money, & more alcohol. Yes. ( ^o^) <3

Hahahaha! Actually, my dream life would be:

To be the CEO, head engineer, & designer of my very own car compnay making high performance 4 door sport sedans that are ultra lightweight, nimble, & quick! They would be made in the USA & would be extremely reliable to boot! ( ^o^) <3 I'd also be married to a wonderful wife & have a daughter! (^o^ ) <3

But yeah. It's gonna take a lot of work to do that! ('o' )!! The car company part that is. I'm already working on the future wife! ( ^o^) <3

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Okay here goes my dream life ^^

- I'm really cute and good at drawing, and I have a good fashion sense <3

- I am in college part-time, but I only take one class at a time (I pick the ones with no papers xD), and live in a really tiny apartment that's all colorfully decorated, in the middle of the city. (I have DSL and Neopets Premium) For money I work at a thrift store and get discounts! xD

- I'm really fit cause I live in NYC and I walk everywhere like 10 miles a day :3 But I also like to take the subway

- I own a messenger bag

- I have a credit card and I buy keychains/cute things on ebay and name them and take pictures of them saying things with little speech bubbles and put them on my livejournal and get lots of comments <3

- I have lots of amazing fun giggly NYC-weird friends with dyed hair and we drink bubble tea in Chinatown, and I fit in cause I'm pretty, and I tell puns and they think I'm really funny and strange, and I understand them, and we're all pretty smart.

- I have a boyfriend I've just met (preferably looks like James or Oliver Phelps) and we go bowling together and took the bus to Canada one time. (edit: he hates Andrew Jackson, we spend entire evenings exchanging disgusting trivia and donating money to the anti-andrew-jackson fund, we drove south and spat on his grave.)

- I am still friends with Katherine and we get together and do crazy things xD

- I knit, and sometimes I knit scarves for people, and they are very happy to have them. Sometimes I stay up all night knitting their scarves and I don't care cause I'm glad I did it

- i read a lot too

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Let's see...

-I'd be a freelance web designer who lives in a small apartment in Tokyo. A college student (what I am now ^^;;) studying abroad there would also work.

-I'd be fluent in both written and spoken Japanese.

-I'd eat sushi every night.

-I'd have finished the book I'm working on, and it would be "soon to be a major motion picture directed by Peter Jackson."

-Hot Japanese girlfriend. :D

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I would be very thin and pretty like fashionxcore guy and totally vegan and trying all the cool vegetarian health food from India ect and I would know how to play acoustic guitar and sing and write lyrics well and I ride the subway a lot and I am popular with sexy girlss.


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-Teach history to a bunch of eager-to-learn high schoolers.

-Have time to write, make music, and do some art.

-Be married to someone who does things on stage (Dance, musicals, something like that)

-Live in a house built before the American Civil War.

-Have at least one piece of IKEA furniture in said house.

-Take a vacation to another continent at least once a year.

That's about it.

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My dream life, eh?


- I'd teach history or become a musuem curator.

- I'd teach English to a bunch of Japanese kids for a year or so.

- I'd live in an awesome cottage in the country with an even cooler garden. Everybody would come from miles around just to see me garden.

- I'd be a lounge singer.

- I would also be an amateur fashion designer, selling my creations on my personal site and the like. :O Yar!

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