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The Slayers Thread


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Yea, but... if you wanted me to move the posts, you shoulda done it right then dude... xD I mean really, there's no way I'm looking through all those pages to find them. Not to mention the fact that they were spread across several pages to begin with.

You know I just put that in the post to break'em right?

I sure hope so? :laugh:

I really don't care. I can go and find them and tell you where they are if I really cared. (or if I have nothing better to do tonight)

Anyway, save it for Random Thoughts.

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Damn it!

I keep putting off watching the last series, although I hear it is no where as good as the second series.

Second series > First Series

Especailly since the end of the first series was kinda... easy compared to Lina coming within inches of completely destroying the universe. (And becoming possesed by a god while doing is the ultimate metal)

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