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Life Hates Me

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So, here's what it boils down to.

Whenever I find myself enjoying my life a little too much, something decides to step in and go, "Alright Erik, you're having too much fun, cut it out."

The most prominent example of this happened a few days ago. I had my friend over for the night and we were playing through the entirety of Kirby 64 (which was awesome). Right around the time we get to planet 5 or 6, my friend shows up on MSN and wants talk. Ok, not what I was planning on, but still ok. But then he tells me that my other friend sent him to me for help, which I usually don't mind doing, because I like to be able know how to do stuff. But then I find out he came to for help about... him wanting to kill himself. And that's where I got a bit annoyed. He kept me up for 2 hours (until 5am, even though I planned to go to bed at 2am) telling me about how he didn't think life was worth it, and no matter what I said, he just went "Waaaaaah, I wanna go away." I mean, yeah, I acknowledge that he has a legitimate problem that I want to help him with, but he won't let me.

Fast forward to the next night. I start to talk to the other person "involved" in the "situation" that makes him want to die. Yes, it's a girl. Without giving away too much of the details (liked her, got ignored and lied to, she went with somebody else), I can tell you she's a large part of this problem. Half of the problem is that she just wants to get away from the problem and pretends like it's not her problem. It totally is.

She's being a huge bitch about it and he's being a little bitch about it.

And now I'm pretty sure she's avoiding ME, too.

This crap isn't supposed to happen to me. I'm the one that has fun with friends, doesn't get involved in stupid depressed-person drama and just lays back and lets life go by and tries to enjoy it the best he can. And it usually works. This isn't even my problem and it's pissing me the Hell off like this. Why do people I know have to be so retarded?

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Umm dude, friends are supposed to be there through both the fun and the bad. if you aren't there for them in the bad, well you aren't a very good friend at all. learn 2 friend

Some people get more of the shit then other people. And it sucks.

As for all this? You do what you can. It's a shitty situation, but you're only one person on the outside of the problem. So, offer what advice you can give, and what encouragement you can muster and then move on and hope it works out. Forcing yourself to keep with it beyond that is stupid. Helping somebody at the expense of yourself when honestly you're not the person who should be (At least not alone) helping is ridiculous.

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Some people get more of the shit then other people. And it sucks.

Yes, I know. I get it all the time. A friend of mine continually calls me, IMs me, texts me crying that her life is horrible and she just wants to die etc etc. This happens at least once a week.

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All you can do is be there for him, man.

I dunno if you know anything about coping with depression, but if you do, you should tell him about it. Otherwise, maybe do a bit of research (you can talk with me if you want, though I'm no expert, just someone who has depression... hahaha).

Just imagine; if this bugs you a lot, imagine how much worse he feels. Try to help him out.

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uhh, pay your taxes to the love bank



Overcoming depression by being really cool like Belial is one way to get over depression. The problem is, I think, that most people don't/can't figure out how to get in a headspace where they actually think they're really cool (even though the most likely are). This is where friends/therapists/whatever come in.

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You should support your friends, but you can't let them drag you down because they can't deal with the bare facts of life. In the end it's his job to get better; not yours. Get him a therapist.

I told him to get help, but he won't.

And those of you who think I'm being a dick, well, whoever said I wasn't? If he was going to kill himself, he would have done it by now.

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no, you are, but you shouldn't be. it's a sensitive situation and you need to be mature and act accordingly. the second statement is also not necessarily true.

in any case, getting him help is more than saying "get help". explain to him that he needs to talk to someone who can help him more with his problems (therapist) and that you can't say anything to help him, but a therapist could.

I said the first part, but not the second one. He said he wasn't going to.

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well like

no offense..but sometimes when people are depressed they can be irritable and defensive. so like..you cant have a conversation like this:

you: "go see a therapist"

him: "no!111 /wrists"

you: "oh...kay..."

you sign off

insist that he sees someone, point out that otherwise he'll just sit sulking in self pity for eternity

But that's rude. FYI, I was up talking to him on MSN for two hours.

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