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A Goat in NYC


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Heads up to all my Northeast peeps, the wife and I will be up in NYC this coming Saturday and all of next week, so if you wanna meet up with me so I can give you a big bear hug, I'm welcome to it,..I will try and make a trip to CT. to see some people one day next week..and cell me up if you have any questions or wanna meet up..but if not its cool but I wanna see some of you guys at least once.


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Ocean City, haha

I doubt I could make any stops though, i'm not driving.

Actually, july 28th a few of us are going on a road trip to Virginia down the east coast, so we might be able to say hi to a few ae'rs then

Dude, I'll be in Sea Isle until next Thurs, it's only 10 minutes away from Ocean City. If you are doing anything interesting or need someone to supply alchohol, call me up: 609-933-3150, just send a text first so I know who you are.

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I will take lots of pics Brit.. and Mike.. we could prolly chill out next Friday or Saturday..and Wind tell your brother to answer his fucking phone when I call so I know how we can meet up..I'm not leaving without seeing one of you guys.

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