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Accelerated Evolution

Hello, A-E.

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Hmm... How very mysterious...

The messages in these clues are lost on me I am afraid as I can think of barely anyone on AE that does not make music and dream dreams.

But then I have always been bad at figuring out clues.

I gotta tell ya, there are few words in the english language that could cause as much of an uproar as if I typed my previous moniker on this page.

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Okay well first of all I will assume that the nature of the controversy lies in the meaning of the words themselves rather than the bearer of the moniker and go with that Jewsdidworldtradecenter guy whose name I encountered around here somewhere.

Am I right, close or totally wrong?

I'm sorry to say that you're way off.

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Damn. That was the only controversial username from here that I could think of.

I guess 'I have absolutely no idea' will have to suffice then.

Is there anyone here who might easily identify who you are?

I'll admit, the clues I gave aren't easy, even for the people that know me.

So, I'll just have to weather what ever storm my come and fess up...

Just three little letters...


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Maybe you posted it before or something. Either way, I associated it with you. I probably could have guessed it was you had I seen the thread before you posted who you were.

Probably. But hey, the place looks great. I like what you guys have done with it. It's all fancy and shit.

The place I usually hangout is down today, so I looked this place up on a lark.

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