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Accelerated Evolution


always use 2 methods of protection  

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  1. 1. keep the baby?

    • have it, raise it
    • abort it

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We had to write a reaction to that situation today in Health class and I said I'd definitely abort it too. But really I wouldn't even though I am pro choice. I mean when I said I would abort it I meant a theoretical other person baby. :\

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Have it, abort it, not feel guilty even if I couldn't conceive later on life. It's not that I dont want a child now, I cant afford it. The adoption process is shit in my city. So many adopted babies go through rough lives. I cant afford it, my family couldn't afford to watch it. Unless my uncle wanted it, I'd abort. I need to pursue my education.

Mind, this would never happen. I'd cut off a rapist's dick and I always have the dude use condoms.. not to mention I'm an advocate of the morning after pill like that one time it DID break.

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What a decision. On one hand I could raise the child, make Puck my little dragon slayer, as I would make numerous genetic alterations on him, not to mention performing scientific experiments upon him after he was born, which would be okay because he would be my kid. Not to mention I would be like Mary from the biblical stories, so I suppose I would gain a legion of followers that would eventually wage war and keep the world under my control. Then when old age came, I would use my years of occult study and science to put copy my brain code and imprint it upon Puck. Then my consciousness would be sealed into him, at the cost of his own of course, I can't have anything going wrong. This would of course make me immortal, as I would keep having a kid each generation, each being stronger than the last, until eventually it turns out I was actually God, and that all the creationism stories were all just based upon a horrible time-loop that was created after my people fought the Quarloons in the distant future. All alone in space, I would use my increased powers to fashion various things like stars and planets. Thus it would begin over again.

Then again, I wouldn't let the kid impede my life in any way, so if it began to rebel I would have to kill it, to keep things under control.

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