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This is what I've got on my Sansa.

Oingo Boingo - Best O'Boingo

Bathory - Blood Fire Death

Dethklok - Dethalbum

Nick Cave - Dig Lazarus Dig

Personal Doom compilation (aarni, umbra nihil, monarch, thorr's hammer, sunn o)), catacombs, giant squid, funeral, mourning beloveth, dienonychus, boris, earth)

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Grinderman - Grinderman

Gwar compilation

Korpiklaani - Korven Kuningas

The Smiths - Meat Is Murder

Various Music compilation

Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics

Dissection - Reinkaos

Joy Divison - Substance

Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom

Lordi - The Monster Show

Faith No More - The Real Thing

Leviathan - The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide

The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand

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