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Major purchases you plan on making


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what are the major purchases/investments you plan on making within the next 3-4 years?

it's good to keep on track, etcetc

for me:

a 27 inch tube tv and a stand to put it on

a bed

a converter box so i can connect computer to television (AND WATCH THE ENTIRE SLAYERS SERIES IN MY BED!!!)

a pair of jeans from express XD

a European facial XP

and this I normally wear a lot of dark neutrals but with nothing on them so I think it'll look HOT and not overdone!!!!1

driving lessons

paying off my credit card

saving for motorcycle x)

saving for school orz




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Within the next few months:

Lots of miscellaneous suspension bits & chassis bracing for the Miata

A hard top for the Miata

Probably by the end of next year:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR (I want to buy it cash)

Probably in 3 years:

House (I want to have a really large downpayment or almost have all the money to buy it cash)

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amy how much does a kid cost?

A fuckton.

Not even counting the male prostitute, you gotta pay for getting the damn thing delivered (which I think is more than $2000), you gotta miss work (maternity leave) and then feed the damn thing once its born.

Plus I think there's fees attached with getting a birth certificate.

You get money off your income tax, though.

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I've got most everything I'd need. For stuff unimportant I'm looking at a PS3, flatscreen monitor, and new HDD all in the near future. For something I don't need, but isn't going to be unimportant in the long run (I hope) is 2 Technics SL-1200's and a mixer. Oh you know.

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