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It looks cool, but I'm concerned with this iPod sheen that all movies seem to have today. This movie seriously looks like it could be swapped out with Star Trek, and no one would know the difference. Part of what made the original tron so great was the fact that the graphics were noticably worse.

I wonder how they're going to do it, if it's going to be a period piece or what, because the Internet is going to be hard to translate into the Tron Universe.

That being said, it looks good, and I intend to see it.

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because the Internet is going to be hard to translate into the Tron Universe.

The Internet has already been in the Tron universe in Tron 2.0 and was pretty awesome. Additionally the "ipod sheen" is probably just going to be a result of computers getting faster. In Tron 2.0 when they went back to an old computer from 1982 the visuals looked identical to the original, considering there's been a huge increase in power since even that game came out, the visual upgrade again makes sense. I mean we're in the age of multiple terrabyte PCs and gpus with a gig of ram on them, compared to even 6 years ago when that game was released.

I wouldn't be shocked at all if the inside of what would beconsidered a supercomputer nowadays is like a nonstop CGI party.

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Its going to be insane. I'm most excited at the fact that Daft Punk is scheduled to score the film, what's more suiting?

Yes, I am so fucking pumped, I mean come on what movie do a bunch of 20 something year olds want to see? a new tron god damnit!

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Additionally the "ipod sheen" is probably just going to be a result of computers getting faster.

I admit, the 80s aesthetic would look anachronistic in this day and age (the future of the past for the lulz). My complaint about the aesthetic is really nitpicking, I admit. The thought that every movie set in a futuristic/sci-fi could look basically the same for the next 10 or so years just saddens me...sign of the times I guess. The 90s had their Independence Day/Star Gate aesthetic, so I guess it's only fair that the "00s" moves on with something else.

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Well, the reason I mentioned all that earlier is that Tron 2.0 was written as a potential script for the movie. When no one optioned it, it was turned into a game to try to judge the amount of interest in the Tron series. Although it didn't make much money it did start a lot of buzz about Tron, and it was enough to get em to greenlight the movie, which very well may use a similar script. Although this time it seems instead of Jet, it's Flynn's son Sam. And coincidentally the film is named Tron Legacy which was the name of the code Jet had to compile in the game and he had to break onto an old mainframe from the 1980s in order to retrieve it. (Of course the system melts down since he has to overclock it to get his OS buddy Ma3a on there...)

But yeah, I wouldn't be shocked if they're using the same script as a source and they have to go back into the mainframe from the 80s, which would mean old school graphics too.

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some of those scenes look real cyber punk like. but if daft punk has anything to do with the music it will probably wont be :sad:

oh yeah, also disney......

im sure it will be ok though.

Um i am not sure what world you live in but Disney produced and made the original Tron so the fact that they are in charge of this reboot as well is no surprise seeing as they where the original propitors or the Tron IP

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i know, i just wish someone else would do it considering disney's track record with this sort of thing.

Personally i don't think anyone but Disney could do this. And hello they did pirates of the fucking Caribbean and they did a great job with all three of them. that bullshit that the first was the only good one is bull.

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