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Hey, I own Linux server that I use for torrents ... I mean media collecting. Anyways I have more then enough load and internet pipe left to run an IRC server for the forum and as long as the it doesn't get hammered I can run a ventrilo service as well.

Let me know I have a IRC ready to go, it just needs a little config to it.

Basically it's a 1.6GHZ P4 with 512MB of ram, more then enough with what I do to run IRC and Ventrilo.

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Internet connection speed (upstream and downstream), OS, and IRCd of choice?

28k dial-up , windows 95, What other flavors of IRCd?


10meg down /1meg up cable with packet shaping for ports (ie. SSH is and IRC be top priority). Kubuntu 8.04.1, dancer-IRCd.

I'm working on scripting a bot myself, but I would use something already written in ruby, PERL or Python as a placeholder for now. Eggdrop is a bulky thing.

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well if you want to try it out here you go

Server: crowbar.homelinux.org

Channel: #a-e

It's pretty much open right now, so enjoy

It's just me and I just sit there right now. I'm logged on locally, so the channel won't close.

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Anyone know if you can connect to IRC on a Blackberry?

I'm leaving for Italy on Monday but I'd like to stop in if I get a chance.


It allows you to remotely connect to a server via SSH.

Think of having a command prompt of another computer on your blackberry.

I will make a login to my server and you can just connect to the chat wih a terminal IRC client. It's not bad at all. All the work is done on the server and you just read the results on your computer / device. In this case, the blackberry.

I do it with my Blackberry and my Nintendo DS with Linux DS.

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