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Accelerated Evolution

Iced Earth - The Crucible of Man


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Best IE CD since something wicked.

Get it now via torrent.



01. In Sacred Flames

02. Behold The Wicked Child

03. Minions Of The Watch

04. The Revealing

05. A Gift Or A Curse

06. Crown Of The Fallen

07. The Dimensional Gauntlet

08. I Walk Alone

09. Harbinger Of Fate

10. Crucify The King

11. Sacrificial Kingdoms

11. Something Wicked (Part 3)

12. Divide And Devour

14. Come What May

15. Epilogue

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PS - Crucify the King is fucking heavy

and Divide and Devour sounds very ICED EARTH and the melodies even sound hansi-ish

LAME man. LAME. You can't start an Iced Earth topic about a new album and then not give me a rapidshare link! It's just a tease.

I'll just take this thread as a thank you for reminding me to download it.

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Hell yeah, man!!!

The new album is incredible and it is amazing that Barlow is back!

I disagree that it is the best album since 'Something Wicked...' though as I absolutely love 'Horror Show' and think that it was a fitting send off for Barlow before.

Horror Show is fucking awesome don't get me wrong but the album has a something wicked feel obviously and idunno lol

quick edit: I love the opening chanting and ending, Most the songs I feel a strong :Horror Show: structure to them, the style of vocal melodies which is ofcourse awesome. although the other songs that are just straight just fucking HEAVY and have catachy ass choruses rape like Crucify the King, Divide and Devour, I walk Alone etc

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