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Yuna or Ashe?



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  1. 1. do ya prefer me to be ashe or yuna?

    • Yuna (NOT X-2)
    • Ashe

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Okay so I've taken a real liking to Ashe from FFXII. I originally planned to go as Yuna from FFX to AUSA (that's still assuming I'm able to go...but if not, it's my Halloween costume)

The thing with Yuna is, I'm gonna have to get all this red out of my hair (which I would hate to do, because I love the color), because doing a wig for her would be stupid as I pretty much have the same cut except my hair's longer.

I'd deff go with a wig for Ashe, 'cause with cuts that short my real hair doesn't look right. Another thing is that I'm not sure how I'd look with her costume.

For those of you who don't know what they look like (I'm sure you all know Yuna, but anyways)



And don't just vote for Ashe because her outfit is a bit skimpy, okay? That's the problem I have with it...my body's not quite ready for that.

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Yuna has been done to death by almost every single female cosplayer. She's the female cosplay equivalent of Sasuke or Icihigo.

that's another thing. but people tell me i look so much like her.

with ashe however, having a 35 inch waist but wearing a skirt where my waist is 31 is rather....odd. i can always wear the skirt up a bit but with her costume, it would BARELY and I mean BARELY cover my ass. even though people would love that, i wouldn't feel comfortable.

it's my scoliosis T___T

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