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Thoughts on a PSP


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I know that I will be buying a 360 eventually, so that's nothing I need to dwell upon further.

A PSP on the other hand? I might need some more information on it.


There's a simple fact about me and systems. I only care about ones that will hold RPGs. Those are the only games I buy, end of story.

The PSP seems like a mixed bag of sorts. It seems to have a lot of RPGs, but you look again, most of those games are just ports. Same can be said about the DS I suppose, but then again I was given my DS as a present, so I don't care.

I saw something about a Crisis Core bundle pack, but that shit is only available in Japan...which sucks.

Are their any good bundle packs for the PSP? Is Lite the way to go? Should I wait for a bundle pack before re-deciding to buy this thing?

Also, what are some good rpgs out for this syetm? Off the top of my head I can think of maybe 3 games I would like to play. Those being FF7:CC, WA, and Generation of Chaos.

As far as ports go, I wouldn't mind playing FFT again.


What elese is coming out for this crap? I know of the spin off FFXIII and now I just heard about Parasite Eve 3 as well.

Anyways, I always come back to the same conclusion of this thing being just too damn expensive for me right now. It has dropped in price, but I'm hoping for another one before I actually do go ahead and buy it.


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Grab the Daxter pack. I bought my PSP for RPG's too, but Daxter is both hilarious and a lot of fun. Plus, for just twenty bucks over the core you're getting a great game, a Family Guy disc, and a 1GB memory card.


Jeanne D'arc

Crisis Core

VP: Lenneth

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Tales of Radiant Mythology

Monster Hunter

Y's: Ark of Napthism

FFT: War of the Lions

Tales of Eternia


A lot of other good stuff

Secret Agent Clank

Patapon (MY god, I have no idea why it's so awesome, it just IS)

CV: Chronicles

Megaman Powered Up!


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If price is an issue, forget about the CC bundle (or any of the other JP bundles). Shit is so overpriced unless you live in Europe and are being overcharged for the PSP anyway. North American bundles are far better priced, but I think the God of War one is the only one currently available... and it comes in a bright blood red.

Doesn't sound to me like you should get a PSP though, if you only plan on playing RPGs. A lot of the RPGs on the PSP are either mediocre or ports of old games, and imo you shouldn't get a PSP unless you are absolutely fanatical about tactical RPGs, FF:CC, GoW, Monster Hunter, Yu-Gi-Oh, or emulators

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