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  1. 1. which?

    • wind like breeze
    • wind like wind the clock

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If I read just "wind" like the thread title, I read it as both usually. Use to bug the hell out of me. I remember a test in the... uhh... third grade or something, where the teacher gave you a word and wanted you to give them an opposite word. Wind was on there. Not only did I not know which one they meant, even if I did I couldn't figure out the answer.

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Taken from gundam wing "Wind" alias of Miliardo Peacecraft.

In UT3 the start of every map I have it hotkeyed to stay "Prepare to be Windowned"

(like the breeze)

What an awesome show.

I found a bunch of the episodes I taped off of tv in like 2002 awhile back. Ah, my vhs collection is so sweet... too bad I don't have a VCR. Haha.

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