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guitar heroes unite

Tanni Foemangler

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I've completed Easy and Normal Mode. I love the game and I prefer to actually play it than listen to the real versions because of the interactivity I guess. However at the moment my PS2 is busted and I'm waiting for my new one to arrive in the mail so I can start rocking out again, another couple weeks without my Guitar :-(....

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I haven't tried hard mode as of yet, as I wasn't that great on normal. It took me several tries to get through Bark at the Moon, but then I noticed the next day I played it that I could beat Bark at the Moon without ever activating my star power (which barely got me through it originally) so I assume that's what people call "getting better" so I should probably try out hard (and its cursed orange note!).

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geetar hero is definitely an investment. i'd make sure to try it before dropping the $60-90

I played it today and LOVED it and have decided I need to own it. I got about a quarter of the way through hard before my friend took it back. I love the solo sections of that game, they are quite well done.

maybe it's because i have no real guitar experience, but i have trouble with the whole 'hammer-on' and 'pulloff' stuff :B. not so much hammer-ons, but pulloffs....*shudder*

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They took me a bit to get used to as you can't do it on all the notes, only on ones that it indicates you can do them on. Most of the notes have a black border around the white parts of the litte button, but the ones that you can do hammer-ons and pull-offs on don't have the black border, so it took me a while to get my reflexes to recognize those in time, but when you get it down it's really cool.

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