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In Washington we don't even fuck around, everyone's backyard is just a haven for marijuana plants.

At least, in Western Washington. In Eastern Washington they just use their backyard for... I don't know, closet homosexual encounters.

I didn't see my good share of marijuana... and I didn't get to try vegan doughnuts! I want to live in Seattle again!

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I have a phenomenal yard right now. My house is on 7 acres, and since I live alone there isn't a bunch of shit everywhere. There is an acre of lawn, and then the rest is basically bush with a cute ravine. It's fucking fantastic.

My last house had a neat backyard. It was pretty big, and we had this huge garden that looked like a jungle, and the neighborhood cats would always play in it.

My parents yard sucks. There's no fence. But it does have really nice grass going all the way around.

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..... >___< GAWDDAMMIT!! Why haven't I SEEN ANY ENCOUNTERS?!?!


I dunno, I've never actually been to Eastern Washington (not true, I've driven through it a couple times, and been to Spokane or Yakima (can't remember which one) at least once) and it's a strange, alien place. I dunno. I sometimes wonder if there's anything worthwhile out there... someone must like it, there's a decent amount of people who live out there.

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