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Accelerated Evolution

Morrissey with the JAH added


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I had to double take when I saw Levitz on there. But I like this a lot. I dont know if I've asked you before but who did the guitars and was this originally done on acoustic or did you add effects to it?

Basic chord progression I actually played with kirks guitar recently, if you remember the old version sounded a bit faker as it was a synthesized guitar.

What do you think about what I did with his voice, the echoes and stuff / flangers and ear to ear effects. He did it all in about two takes each verse.... then I just produced the fuck out of it. I love it.

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Thank you so much buds! me and levitz are working on a blues oriented song when I come home from vegas, he suggested this kid Pinkert (for those not from my area, a local guitarist in levitz's live band) of which would be an electric blues song featuring insane harmonica solo's (Lev is pretty fucking great at the harmonica), gonna even distort some harmonica parts, will add some galexia touches so it doesnt sound just like a random blues song but keeps of the feel of the new CD, and my dad is going to record some absolutely brilliant saxophone for it. Currently he is turning my closet into an insulated vocal booth for when I get home. My vocal mic is incredible but picks up alot of ambient noise thus retakes are an issue, this will murder that issue and also allow perfect recording of wind instruments such as Sax and Flute (my dad plays both, I expect to add flute to a few songs in a neo-tull kind of way)

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