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Star Trek: Online


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Somebody is in vegas and was at the premier today....

and Im not sure if you watched the live full live cast but you woulda seen me during the Q&A asking three questions.

GPZ missed it, we had the klingon blood lunch (with michael dorn -WARF-) which we paid for, I actually left the lunch for the presentation and came back in time for Warf to sit at my table.

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Guilds have a huge role in ships, it depends on the size of your ship though.

They also said its going to a game not about the ability of a "15" year old kid who can play 80 hours a week pwning the 40 year old fan base that can only play an hour a night, but will reward everyone on strategy, tactics and legit intelligence and the ability to work with your crew members as your career choices becoming extremely important in operating a large star ship during space combat / exploration / galactic exploration - although on land combat they didnt talk about it too much but said it wont follow the traditional healer/tank/dps/blah/blah set up

ask anything else, it was a long presentation with atleast 100 questions asked.

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Saw playable Klingongs, Telerites, Vulcans, etc... in the trailer. Both Starfleet and Klingon empire. Did they mention other playable races/factions? With the Borg ships in the trailer.... I kinda' want to roll a Borg. Or a Changeling. :awesome:

Oh, did they mention or hint at playable areas? I'm hoping something like Alpha quadrant at launch, Delta quadrant for first expansion.

I'm a total closet Trek geek.

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They are aiming to have the game be on one server, so they claimed they have the technology for some type of one server instancing system that will be revolutionary "we want everyone to be able to play with everyone with no hassle, or finding which server your friends play on, or having to pay to transfer. We want one giant galactic community" (obviously not the exact qoute, but close)

SoE fan fair starts friday, meeting up with the stormhaven guild leaders Angel and Desdicato for it. THAT will be a fucking blast.

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Hmm. Remember that project form a year or two ago where a team of guys was working on an engine that could actually store and run an entire consistent galaxy on a single server? Maybe that's what they're using. The site for the vanished a few months back.

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I dunno, I'm just still not sure Cryptic has it in them to create anything other than a very in depth alien character creation system.

City of Heroes and City of Villains both get boring almost immediately. The only real perks to keep you going in those games are every 10 levels you get to make another costume for yourself, and once you hit 40, you're done.

I hope for good things, but at the moment nothing to be excited about for me here.

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